Pertronix Ignitor Module

Pertronix Ignitor+Coil/Ignition Brady T60DKM withWisconsin VG4D+Prestolite IAD

Pertronix Ignitor+Coil/Ignition Brady T60DKM withWisconsin VG4D+Prestolite IAD
Pertronix Ignitor+Coil/Ignition Brady T60DKM withWisconsin VG4D+Prestolite IAD
Pertronix Ignitor+Coil/Ignition Brady T60DKM withWisconsin VG4D+Prestolite IAD

Pertronix Ignitor+Coil/Ignition Brady T60DKM withWisconsin VG4D+Prestolite IAD   Pertronix Ignitor+Coil/Ignition Brady T60DKM withWisconsin VG4D+Prestolite IAD
Pertronix Ignitor+Coil/Ignition Brady T60DKM w/Wisconsin VG4D+Prestolite IAD. Dodge / Ram Diesel Parts. Ford / Lincoln / Mercury. Medium / Heavy Duty Diesel Parts. Valves, Springs, Guides, and Kits.

For over thirty years, the Ignitor has proven itself in applications ranging from race cars to tractors. The Ignitor replaces breaker point and troublesome factory electronic ignitions with a dependable, self contained and maintenance free electronic ignition system. The Ignitor has been called the "stealth" ignition because of its quick installation and nearly undetectable presence under your distributor cap.

Delivers twice the voltage to the spark plugs, increasing horsepower, fuel economy, and spark plug life. 2:1 improvement over points in current fall time for increased coil output.

Rotating cobalt magnets trigger a Hall Effect integrated circuit. Epoxy molding makes our module impervious to dirt, oil, grease and moisture. Fits entirely inside the distributor. No black box to clutter the engine compartment. Will trigger most multi-spark CD ignitions. Use with industrial/agricultural specialty coil for optimal performance (INCLUDED). Legal in all 50 states and Canada C. This listing is for a 12-volt, negative ground Pertronix Ignitor and a Pertronix 28,000 volt specialty oil filled coil for the following applications with a 4-cylinder engine using an Autolite/Prestolite distributor.

Allis Chalmers Baler models 300, 302, 303; distributor IAD-6004. Allis Chalmers Sprayer 2300; distributor IAD-6004. Beseler 450 Wisconsin VG4; distributor IAD-6004.

Bolens Wisconsin VG4D; distributor IAD-6004. Brady BPO60-DKB, T60DKM (Wisconsin VG4D); distributor IAD-6004. Cardox Jeep F-4 engine; distributor IAD-4041.

Cardox Wisconsin VG4D engine; distributor IAD-6004. Case W5(G188 engine); distributor IAD-6003. Case 177 (Wisconsin VG4D); distributor 6004.

Case 330 (Wisconsin VG4D, VH4D). Case 150, 302, 400, 600, 660 (Hercules G-188B, A201). Case 200, 300 (Continental F140 engine); distributor IAD-6004.

Case 300, 400, 500 (Continental F162, FA162 engine); distributor IAD-6004. Case 310, 320 (G148 engine); distributor IAD-6003. Case 440, 640 (G148, G188 engine); distributor IAD-6003. Case GT25, GT30, GT34 (Continental F124, F140, F162 engine); distributor IAD-6004.

Case W5 (G188 engine); distributor IAD-6003. Case S, VA Series; distributor IAD-6003. Case 200, B, 210, B, 211B (G126, G148, G188 engine). Case 200B, 350, 351, 400B, 500B, 600B (G126, G164 engine); distributor IAD-6003. Case 300, 310, 320 (G148 engine); distributor IAD-6003.

Case 350, 351, 500B, 600B (G164 engine); distributor IAD-6003. Case 400, 440, 441, 80CK (G148, G148B engine); distributor IAD-6003. Case 540, C541, C (159); 640, 641, C - distributor IAD-6003. Case 400B, 420, 430, 435LCK, 440, 441, 450, 500.

Case 530, 30LCK, 540, 541 C, C570, 80, CK, CK-B; distributor IAD-6003. Case 600B, G30, 640, C, 641, C.

Case 700B, 800, 800B, 900B. Case 650, 655, 675 (Wisconsin VH4D, VG4D engine).

Case 1150, 1155 (G159), 1255 (G188); distributor IAD-6003-2F. Case V461D (G159, G188, B).

Cockshutt 7, 18, 422 (Continental F124, 140 engine); distributor IAD-6004. Cockshutt 101, 102, 103, 620, 720 (Wisconsin engine); distributor IAD-6004. Cockshutt 10, 12, 14, 16 Ft.

Cockshutt 20, 30 (Continental F124, 140 engine) GO-198; distributor IAD-6004. Ford 16-46, 47, 48, 49; 16-98, 99, 100, 101. Ford 17-14, 15, 16, 17 (Wisconsin VF4D). Ford 19-14, 15, 16, 17. Friend ATB, ATB40, CU32, CU32RC, GTA, GTAT50, MA36. Friend MA36, MA36RC, MAL36RC, 322, 362; distributor IAD-6004. Gehl (Forage Harvester) HL3030 Hydra Cat; distributor IAD-6004-2N. Gehl (Forage Harvester) Wisconsin VG4D engine; distributor IAD-6004-2F. Hagie 320, 340, 430, 432, 435, W, 437 Crane; distributor IAD-6004-2F.

Hagie H300, FSP, P, H306, FSP, P; distributor IAD-6004. Hagie Hi Boy, FS, Sprayer & Power Unit (VH4D engine); distributor IAD-6004. DF24B, DF480C, DF485C, F4 engine; distributors IAD-4012, 41.

Hesston 110, 180, 260, 280, 300, 310 (Wisconsin engine); distributor IAD-6004. Hesston HS220, HS240, HS260, HS500 (Wisconsin engine); distributor IAD-6004. Intercontinental C26 (Continental F126, Buda 4BD-153 engine); distributors IAD-4029, 6004.

IHC Combine (Wisconsin VRDD engine); distributor IAD-6004-2F. IHC Baler (Wisconsin VG4D, VH4D engine). IHC 37T, 37W, 47T, 47W, 57T, 57W, 71W; distributors IAD-6004-2N. IHC 45, 46 (Wisconsin VF4 engine).

IHC 47 Twine, 47 Wire (Wisconsin VH4D, VH4). IHC 56, 57 Twine & Wire (Wisconsin VH4D, VH4 engine). IHC 60, 70, 71 Wire (Wisconsin VG4D, VR4D engine). IHC 430, T, W, 440, T, W (Wisconsin engine). John Bean ALL Wisconsin engines; distributor IAD-6004.

John Bean E200CP, E277, G200CP; distributor IAD-4041. John Bean ALL with Willys F4 engine; distributor IAD-4041. John Bean 28E, G; distributor IAD-4041. John Bean 60 (F2 engine); distributor IAY-4401. John Bean 277, E277 (F4-134 engine).

John Blue Wisconsin VH4, VH4D; distributor IAD-6004-2F. John Deere 8 Forage Harvester; distributor IAD-4029. John Deere 72, 74 (Wisconsin VP4D engine). John Deere 10 (Wisconsin VG4D engine). John Deere 214WS, 216T, 216W, WS, 224T, 224WS; distributor IAD-6004-2N.

John Deere 346 (Wisconsin VG4D, VH4D engine); distributor IAD-6004-2N. John Deere 4020 Hercules (Wisconsin engine). John Deere Windrower 10, 14, 16 Ft. Kromer Wisconsin VF4, VH4, VH4D; distributor IAD-6004-2F. Lilliston Peanut Combine; distributor IAD-6004-2F.

Lilliston 04, 1500, 2, 8 (Wisconsin VG4D, VH4, VH4D engine); distributor IAD-6004-2N. Long 680 Baler (Wisconsin VH4D engine); distributor IAD-6004-2N. Long A Tractor (Continental F162 engine); distributor IAD-6004-1B. Love J51 (Willys CJ2A, 3 engine); distributor IAD-4008. Lundell 2020 Tractor, Forage Harvester Super 606; distributor IAD-6004. Massey Ferguson 35SP, 72 FT. (Continental F140 engine); distributor IAD-6004-ID. Massey Ferguson 60, 72 Pulled Type (Continental F140 engine). Massey Ferguson Clipper (Continental F162 engine). Massey Ferguson MHF3, MHF4 (Continental engine). Massey Ferguson MJA382, D (Continental engine). Massey Ferguson 11 Pony, 16 Pacer, 21 Colt, 22K, 23K, 23. Massey Ferguson Mustang, 30, K, 33, 44 (Continental engine). Massey Ferguson 55 (Continental J382 engine). Massey Ferguson 333, RT, RS, HA, 444, 555 (Continental engine).

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  1. Part Type: Distributor Module
  2. MPN: 1541 + 28010
  3. Custom Bundle: Yes
  4. Brand: Pertronix
  5. Bundle Description: Includes module and coil
  6. Voltage: 12 V

Pertronix Ignitor+Coil/Ignition Brady T60DKM withWisconsin VG4D+Prestolite IAD   Pertronix Ignitor+Coil/Ignition Brady T60DKM withWisconsin VG4D+Prestolite IAD